Success Stories

Meet the amazing girls who inspire us to keep working so hard.


After I graduated I got a job as an administrator. I am planning to start my own business in interior designing.

I’m also married with two kids.

I picked a husband for myself. Unlike what was going to happen when I did not get the help that I got from [End Child Marriages]. They also taught me the importance of helping. I also want to help other vulnerable children out there.

Continue with the great work and may God continue to bless you.

— Moreen

Graduated with a degree in Business Management after being sponsored by ECM.


Having someone like Miss B and her team approaching you, at that age where there’s a lot of confusion and pain in life, was such a blessing to me and the other girls.

[End Child Marriages] came at the right time and they inspired me to be who I am today. It is one of the greatest things that ever happened to me…

— Vimbai

Vimbai was an orphan and [End Child Marriages] offered her a scholarship in 2013.

She is now a teacher and continues to advocate empowering young vulnerable girls through education and continues to inspire them with her own story.


Before ECM, Sisi was just about to get married off then she came to our program.

We were with her for four year then off to culinary school. Now, she is a chef in a town called Chipinge.

She works for OK, a big supermarket like a Walmart where she is a chef.  She is now married with one son and met her husband at the culinary school.  They are both chefs now but in different areas.

I want to thank [End Child Marriages], I am now a chef! I am proud of my job and I really love to cook.

— Sisi


My dad wanted to marry me off to a very old man because he wanted money from him. I was now scared. I was worried and was so exposed since my dad was so aggressive about my decision…

The man was almost an octogenarian.

— Coleen


College Student, Aspiring Journalist

I am really happy that [End Child Marriages] has been helping me and my mother with my tuition and examination fees for the last six years. There’s more in store for me than being married off.

— Natasha


Tatenda’s parents are both unemployed. She is one of 5 kids and she hopes one day, she can be a medical doctor.

[End Child Marriages] stepped in and she is on the road to achieve her goal.

I met Ms. Bee last year when she came visiting here in Zimbabwe and I learned to be a good girl at school and at home.  My parents do not have any professional way, and they strive to afford our school fees since we have 5 in the family. They cannot afford to buy clothes and shelter. When I grow up, I want to be a medical doctor and I hope my dreams to come true in life.”

— Tatenda